Conspiracy Theorists Think Melania Trump Has A Body Double

Photographs have surfaced regarding First Lady Melania Trump, having a body double. She can be seen alongside President Trump, during their visit out of respect for the tornado victims in Alabama. There were 23 people who died from this weather related tragedy.

Image: AFP/Getty Images

People are convinced that a “Fake” Melania Trump, is seen in these photographs taken. She doesn’t appear to be herself. There are clear differences, while looking at these photos. First of all, this woman doesn’t appear to be the right height of Melania.

Image: Snopes

Other comments include her chin being quite different. The way she is holding President Donald Trump’s hand isn’t typical either, previously Melania has avoided her husbands attempts to hold her hand. This body double, appears to walk quite differently than Melania and her posture appears to be different as well.

Melania Trump is a Slovene-born American former fashion model, she was raised in Sevnica and born in Novo Mesto, within the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. Melania is the 45th Presidential wife to enter The White House, alongside her husband.

Donald Trump departs for US Secret Service Training Facility Washington DC-USA-13-Oct-2017
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Most certainly, body doubles have been used by secret service escorts for years to help protect both the President and his family. For whatever different reason, this stand-in was with President Trump on this day. Not long ago, First Lady Melania Trump was hospitalized in 2018 for treatment of a benign kidney condition, which only further spread rumors about her health condition. Many people are concerned for her well being and hope that she is okay.

A number of people believe, that Melania’s body language appeared to be more open and relaxed than before during her last Alabama visit. As with anything like this social media users interject their opinions about it. Some users on Twitter (President Donald Trump’s favorite social media platform) commented that Melania’s posture – appears to be slightly off in how she typically carries herself.

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The President and The First Lady, made their appearance at Columbus, Ohio to visit the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in August last year. After this moment (along with others) rumors began to swirl about body doubles being used.

BELTSVILLE, MD – OCTOBER 13: (AFP OUT) First lady Melania Trump as she accompanies her husband, United States President Donald J. Trump, on a tour of the U.S. Secret Service James J. Rowley Training Center October 13, 2017 in Beltsville, Maryland. (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

Whoever this woman is, she isn’t believed to be Melania by many. There are subtle physical differences to the ‘real’ Melania Trump.

One user wrote: “Oh my lord. That is totally not her. I am freaking out.”

Another added: “Wow! That is totally not her! Look at that harsh contour on her nose! I’ve studied her face … totally doesn’t look like her to me. What the heck is happening in this world!?!”

(Source: Mirror)

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