Impeachment Of Joe Biden Imminent, The Swamp Is Being Drained

In a turn of serious events, it seems the scripted movie may well be over for Joe Biden and the supposed administration that was implemented to destroy the country. Since President Donald Trump left office, we have seen Joe Biden (who may well be just a look-a-like) taking his place to help masquerade as some sort of president in office. In actuality, all of this is very much just like a stage play unfolding before our very eyes.  

Image: NBC News

Within the last 24 hours, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced there is an impeachment process being initiated for Joe Biden. Impeachment articles are being administered against Biden. The core issue is the impeachment and saying how Biden should be removed due to his office failures and alternate alternative agenda. 

Image by Barbara from Pixabay

Undoubtedly, Biden has failed to secure the borders and deliberately compromised the nation’s security. It is suspected that he and his family are involved with a number of crimes as well. Greene berated Biden for allowing “about six million illegals from over one hundred seventy countries to invade our U.S.” and accused the president of depriving Customs and Border safety (CBP) of the resources it had to relax the border.

“His management has willfully refused to hold operational management as is required by means of law,” Greene charged.

CBP suggested more than 211,000 migrant encounters by using government for the month of April, an growth from March’s numbers however down from the equal month remaining yr. There were 211,401 migrant encounters by way of CBP in April, down 11% from the 235,785 seen in April 2022 and up 10% from the 191,956 seen in March 2023 — however, those figures have been recorded before the surge of migration that followed the stop of identify forty two.

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The cease of that order during the month of May — also introduced concerns that there could be a sparkling surge of migrants on top of the already huge numbers the government had been seeing. That seemed to be taking place while the times preceding the end of the order saw over 10,000 encounters a day — but encounters have dropped because then to approximately 4,400 daily.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

A real coup movement was initiated against President Trump! These actions will not go without some sort of punishment. There really was a draining of the swamp happening after all. This was one sophisticated and surgical coordinated effort by a number of individuals. 

You see, it was important to display this to the public, so they could see just how bad things could really become. Treason is just the beginning, it seems as more will continue to unfold each and every day. One of the largest scale military operations has occurred. It was planned out to the tee. Each and every state of affairs has been planned out rather meticulously. 

America has gone through quite a bit and the citizens have suffered enough. It is time for a comeback and the reclaiming of the lands. In this movie, you will be watching a scripted event that will end with good over evil. Trump will not continue to be the president of the bankrupt US corporation, but instead the president of the new republic. In this new American republic, everyone has the power. There is NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX and America returns to the gold standard.

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After all, it is only at the moment of destruction that people will find the will to change. Our greatest threats come from within and we must act soon to make arrests and try corrupt politicians for high treason, sedition and crimes against humanity! 

Trump and the Q Team set a trap, but they were caught by Trump. When do you play the Trump card? At the end of the game! The Satanic NWO deep state criminal cabal has partnered with corrupt politicians, the propaganda media, big tech companies, and big corporations to destroy our great nation. In the end, God wins! Justice is coming! Are you ready to be part of history? Many people out there can’t wait for something to happen. 

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