Swedish Women Are Now Afraid To Leave Their Homes, Fearing Assault From Migrants

In the country of Sweden, bad things are happening to the citizens there. From immigration and migrants flooding into the country, they are now being sexually assaulted, beaten up and intimidated. Women in particular are being targeted by convicted rapists from the Middle East or from Africa.

Swedish Women Being Raped and Threatened
Image: summit.news

These women can’t even leave their home in some areas due to being threatened, mocked, teased or raped by these predators. One new survey says that nearly a quart of Swedish women are in real danger. 

Something seriously needs to be done about this. These women and some men there are being treated very poorly. Most people living there feel it was a mistake to allow such people to enter the country like this. 

“15.3 percent of people aged 16 or older stated that they did not want to go out in the evening out of concern about being assaulted or threatened. Among women, the proportion was almost 25 percent,” reports Statistics Sweden.

Pepper spray has surged in sales, due to the physical attacks these people are suffering from. The country has a real rape problem that needs addressed and something needs to be done about it ASAP. 

Due to a string of four different sexual assaults, over the course of five nights. The Swedish police force have advised women living there to not walk the streets alone at night. They should only wander during the daytime and even better in numbers. Women living within these locations, should try to get home early if at all possible

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Statistical figures were released last year stating 58% of the convicted rapists and 85% of all convicted assault rapists in Sweden, were born from outside of Europe. With many of these cases, the victims did not know the attacker. 80% of these rapists are foreign offenders. 

There are nearly 40% of them who have been convicted in the Middle East and/or Africa. These two countries in particular are where most of the migrants have been coming from in recent years.

Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” found that 88% of these gang type rapists in Scandinavia have a migrant background. The 84% of others come from Muslim-majority nations, who commit very violent rapes in the country of Sweden. This is a great tragedy that needs to stop not just in Sweden but all around the world.

(Source: Summit News)

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