How Reddit Is Doing Things Wrong And Why Users Are Upset

Reddit, a popular social media platform based in San Francisco CA, is facing a wave of protests from its users. The protests are in response to plans by the site’s leadership to make Reddit more profitable. These plans include introducing new advertising formats, selling user data, and moderating content more aggressively. 

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Many Reddit users are concerned that these changes will undermine the site’s libertarian ethos. Although Reddit has long been a place where users can share information and ideas freely, without fear of censorship, the new plans could lead to Reddit becoming more like other social media platforms, where content is tightly controlled by the platform’s owners. The protests against Reddit’s leadership have taken a number of forms. 

Some users have created new subreddits to discuss the issue, while others have staged boycotts of the site. There have also been calls for the resignation of Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman. It is unclear how the protests will affect Reddit’s future, but the protests have highlighted important user freedom to Reddit’s users. If reddit’s leadership is not careful it could alienate its users and lose its unique appeal.

In early June, after Reddit announced plans to introduce new advertising formats, users protested. The protests have since spread to other issues, such as the sale of user data and the moderation of content. Although largely organized by Reddit users themselves, without any major support, the protests have had some success in raising awareness of these issues. 

The future of Reddit is uncertain; its leadership is facing a difficult choice between alienating its users in the name of profitability or preserving its libertarian ethos. This struggle has implications for the future of online free speech.

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What we’re learning from the Reddit blackout

On June 13, 2023, a large number of subreddits went dark in protest of changes to Reddit’s API. The API is a set of rules that allow developers to build third-party apps and tools that interact with Reddit. The changes to the API would have made it more difficult for developers to build these apps, and some developers feared that it would ultimately lead to the end of third-party Reddit apps.

The blackout was a success in that it drew attention to the issue of the API changes. Reddit quickly reversed course and announced that it would not be charging for the API after all. However, the blackout also raised some important questions about the future of Reddit.

One question is whether Reddit is too reliant on third-party apps. The blackout showed that a large number of users rely on third-party apps to access Reddit. If Reddit were to make it more difficult or impossible for developers to build these apps, it could alienate a significant portion of its user base.

Another question is whether Reddit is giving too much power to moderators. The blackout was organized by moderators of popular subreddits. Some people have argued that moderators have too much power over what content is allowed on Reddit. The blackout showed that moderators are willing to use their power to make a point, and it raises the question of whether Reddit should do more to rein in moderator power.

Finally, the blackout raises the question of whether Reddit is listening to its users. The API changes were unpopular with many users, but Reddit went ahead with them anyway. The blackout showed that users are willing to take action when they feel that Reddit is not listening to them.

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The Reddit blackout was a significant event that has raised important questions about the future of the platform. It will be interesting to see how Reddit responds to these questions and whether it can regain the trust of its users.

Additional thoughts:

The blackout also highlighted the importance of open source software. Many of the third-party Reddit apps that went dark are open source, which means that anyone can download and modify the code. 

This makes it easier for developers to build new apps and fix bugs.

The blackout also showed the power of community. The moderators who organized the blackout were able to get a large number of users to participate. This shows that Reddit users are passionate about the platform and are willing to take action to protect it.

Overall, the Reddit blackout was a significant event that has had a lasting impact on the platform. It will be interesting to see how Reddit responds to the challenges that were raised by the blackout.

Some alternative sites like Reddit are out there. One of them is Lemmy, a discussion platform where users can post links or other content, and people can discuss that content in threads. In that respect, it’s a lot like Reddit. However, there are a few others like Hive, Quora, 4Chan, Steemit, Hacker News (Y Combinator) and Mix. 

Maybe others will pop up soon after all the controversy surrounding Reddit and what they are doing. However, many will still use their platform at least for a while longer anyway. 

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