Airline Seat Cameras Now Record You During Each Flight Keeping Your Data

It all started slowly but now passengers will be recorded when they fly the friendly skies. Hong-Kong based Cathay Pacific is one of the companies doing this.

They are technically considered “entertainment screens”. However, they are surreptitiously monitoring every passenger’s movements and personal preferences. 

This data is being recorded and kept with or without people’s consent. All of this is happening rather subtle. These CCTV cameras not only record video of you but also randomly take pictures as well.

This happens during moments people do not want. Each and every headrest is equipped with these devices, which glare right towards the passenger. 

Only the bathroom is a private location according to them. So, for someone seeking out some form of privacy they will have to use the restroom and hope that no cameras are secretly put there as well. 

According to Cathay Pacific, they are doing this to “fulfill business needs”. With this data recorded by them, they will likely use what they have, to exploit your general interests, your specific behaviors and other preferences made by you while on board the flight. In turn, the data will be stored indefinitely or “as long as necessary.” 

The data recorded will include other information such as previous travel arrangements, feedback about your experiences, details of lost luggage among other claims. Also any use of  their in-flight entertainment system and in-flight connectivity. This also includes images captured by their CCTV in their airport lounges and within the aircraft.

A large source database will be built, detailing each of these things for every passenger using their services. Through these analyzations, people will generally be exploited in one way or another by their marketing team and other affiliates. 

Each and every scan of someone’s face will be used by security as they psychologically build profiles of people. Those who are deemed suspicious will be profiled by the authorities. Perhaps even, they can even predict further behavior made by each individual. All of this is to exploit the passenger’s needs and wants.

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Of course issues regarding hacking and identity theft come into play. Aside from people’s civil type liberties. There is however no guarantee that their information will be kept secure.

Under this new policy, Cathay Pacific reassures that they will do the best they can to make sure personal information is kept secure, but they admit, “no data transmission over the internet … can be guaranteed to be secure from intrusion.” 

In fact, Cathay Pacific suffered a major data breach in 2018, losing personal information on 9.4 million passengers. That information included identity cards and passport numbers.

Cathay Pacific isn’t the only airline to roll out individual in-flight cameras for every seat. United Airlines, Delta, American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have all rolled out their own version of mid-flight surveillance in the past year.

The devices, equipped with cameras, have come under scrutiny from passengers. The airlines were eventually forced to cover up the cameras to “reassure customers” that they weren’t being exploited 24-7.  

All of these airlines are becoming much like Facebook, Google Android devices, and spy machines like Amazon Alexa. They are mining your personal data and behaviors to create a psychological profile on you so they can manipulate you into being a good little consumer or an obedient subject of an ever-encroaching police state. It is truly a mess and a bad direction to be heading towards.

(Source: Natural News)

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