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Los Angeles Police Detective Rapes Teen Instead Of Helping Her

In a sick twisted moment, one Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective named Neil David Kimball age 46 decided to tie up and rape a 14 year old girl, instead of helping her. This happened in Los Angeles, CA. 

The poor girl was previously raped, before she was intercepted by Kimball. He met with the teenager back in late 2017. He then befriended her, before tying her up and raping her.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Neil David Kimball

After this, he then attempted to intimidate her, along with her family to avoid being discovered. Life threats were made against the family as well.

The detective was later charged with forcible rape against a minor 14 years or older while the victim was tied or bound. As a badge wearing police officer, Kimball was allowed to plead to lesser charges including a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse. 

Because of the lesser plea, he will likely face a maximum of three years in jail. After showing up to serve his sentence, his jail time might drop even further. The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, released the following statements regarding Kimball’s crime:

“In 2017, while serving as a detective with the Special Victims Bureau with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for sex crimes in 2017, Kimball met with a 15-year-old victim when she reported being a victim of sexual assault. While investigating that case, Kimball befriended the victim and sexually assaulted her.” 

Kimball’s sentencing will take place on August 8, 2019 at 9:00 am in Courtroom 12 within the Ventura County Superior Court.

It is thought that many pedophiles search for positions of authority, where they can abuse them. These types of positions include priests, teachers, coaches, police officers and counselors among other types of positions. 

This case isn’t the first time where an authority figure abused their position and raped an underage child or teenager. The cases where sexual abuse happened by an officer, 72% of these officers were fired and 80% of them were convicted according to a WaPo report.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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