10 Known Ways We Are Spied Upon Every Day

It has become pretty obvious that citizens around the world are being preyed upon and spied on each and every day. No longer can someone even walk down a public street, without a person having a nearby camera phone or whatever else recording everything around them. Have we become prisoners out in the open?

spied upon

Technologies continue to evolve and with them comes newfound dangers that arise. Each day, data about each person is seemingly recorded and documented. Heck, most of the time we aren’t even aware that we are being tracked or recorded. Nearly all stores have cameras, of course banks, street lights, intersections on the road and more. People don’t even know they are being spied upon.

10. Increasing CCTV Surveillance

According to statistics, back in 2011, there was 1 CCTV camera for every 32 United Kingdom citizens. This increased to 1 out of every 11 by 2016. This made the United Kingdom, the most spied upon country in all the world.

Just about all countries have implemented different security measures with cameras, drones, microphones and more on the rise. From this, people have become rather uneasy about these  security arrangements on people’s privacy. 

9. Smart Televisions

Smart televisions, have also become quite a thing. Televisions hooked up to the internet, are not only recording what it is you actually watch. There is a real possibility, that someone out there is watching you as well. Especially on newer models, smart TV’s have built in microphones added to them. 

Quite possibly hackers or others might be spying on you. Various security breaches have been called into question. This is from televisions being connected to servers without any kind of setup security check. Many people have lost their very identities or have been infected with spyware from their television set. 

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8. Debit / Credit Cards

Using debit or credit cards has also become an issue. It is believed that everything we spend is monitored somewhere. From the use of each electronic purchase, governments around the world are able to spy upon their citizens with ease.

7. Internet Searches And Our Web History

Our very internet history is recorded and tracked if necessary. The United States passed what is known as the Patriot Act. This allows them to conduct an open-ended internet search and web history scan of everything you have looked up.

6. Using Our Smartphones

Smartphones have since become a collector device for a person’s physical movements, their searches and just about (every other action they do including tracking) where they are currently.

Every time a new app is downloaded on to your phone, chances are there was information stored about you. People even know this and continue to use smart phone every day.

5. Social Media Sites

Using social media sites have also become a breach to our very person freedoms. Depending on your privacy settings, anyone can log on to your social media page and see everything you have said while online.

Even more critical is governments can not only monitor your social media accounts but they are weed through your personal messages. These are often classified as “external communications”. Warrants are not needed for them to read, collect and even take away what we have. 

eye spy

4. Digital Recognition Technologies

Digital recognizable technology actually records parts of our bodies, specifically our eyes and face. These images are matched up and scanned against databases of criminals and other suspects. If a match is made, then action is thereby taken. Many private companies further employ facial recognition technology on their property.

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3. Supermarket Loyalty Programs

When customers use what is known as a loyalty program, they unknowingly are being tracked for their purchases so they will be further marketed to. Weight loss programs may even be buying contact information so they can land a sale from you. 

2. Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software, has further advanced and with it new ways to find or match people just from the tone of their voice. People are filtered and if a match is made, further actions will be taken by more and more advanced software programs.

1. Drones in the sky

Last but not least are drones, they have become a problem and are now becoming a real threat to things. Likewise, they have put tech into the hands of the people. What they do with these is their own business but they are able to search for things easier than ever before. 

Although this would seem perfectly understandable and even logical, the FBI admitted that they use drones to spy with during their investigations. It has left people very uncomfortable. Future restrictions might be implemented one day over the use of drones. 

Many more areas simply do not allow them and for good reason. They have become a menacing problem for people. Who knows what might happen in the future, but it will be a very different world for all.

(Source: List Verse)

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