Children Are Becoming Fatter Due To Coronavirus Lockdowns

It seems that during these times, many adults are struggling with something like paying the bills or looking after their children, who have since started to become fatter. As a side effect from the quarantine, many children are gaining weight as they sit in front of their televisions and computers. Of course adults are suffering from these problems as well. Certainly, people need more exercise and to get off their lazy butt. 

child eating icecream

As measures continue to keep people “safe” officials are not seeing the bigger picture and the trickle effect of what is going on around us. Children are not doing enough physical activity like some children should be doing like gym class. Nowadays, children are not playing or using their imaginations like they once did from before. Everything is fed to them as they consume more media and mind control type methods.

Researchers from the country of Italy, have recently studied how children who eat junk food and don’t exercise are gaining an alarming amount of weight – that will become a problem for them as they become adults later in life. 

The coronavirus lockdowns have messed up people’s sleeping patterns over all. Most children are sleeping in late and staying up longer. Perhaps it is all that extra sugar they are consuming. 

girl eating junk food

Since April, public health officials express their concerns and this kind of thing could potentially start happening. The lockdowns have certainly contributed to weight gain and laziness. One researcher named Andrew Rundle from Columbia Mailman School of Public Health said the COVID-19 pandemic would double the out-of-school time for most children. It risks their health and exacerbates the risk associated with weight gain. Andrew also said:

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“As households stock up on shelf-stable foods, they appear to be purchasing ultra-processed, calorie-dense comfort foods,” noted the researchers. “Our own experiences in supermarkets show that along with the shelves that held flour, rice and beans, the shelves that held crackers, chips, [instant] noodles, soda, sugary cereals and processed ready to eat meals are quite empty.”

Parents should be aware of what is happening and try to help their children. They should set up better boundaries which includes their eating habits, screen time and physical movement. Children often copy what their parents are doing and right now they might not be the best role model. Hopefully things will get better soon.

(Source: Natural News)

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