Mother Loses Custody Of Her Own Cancer Ridden Child, After Helping To Save Her Life

It is absolutely ridiculous that something like this would happen. However, it apparently does more so than people realize. One mother named Christina Dixon, recently had her daughter taken away from her. The reason was, she used alternative medicine to help treat her daughter Kylee’s cancer. 

Thirteen year old Kylee, misses her mother like any child would. Kylee was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma. This liver cancer, is known mostly for appearing in children.

Kylee and Christina Dixon custody case
Image: Humans Are Free

Kylee was treated for several months with traditional methods, which seemed to not help her. Kylee underwent chemotherapy for the cancer, which likely would have ended up actually killing her.

Faced with the possibility that Christina would lose her daughter, she turned to alternative type treatments. This was not advised or approved by the medical staff, where Kylee was being treated at.

After this, she was forced to release her daughter to the state. Kylee has since been held at a facility, where she awaits the outcome of an upcoming court case initiated by Mrs. Dixon and the battle for custody of her own child.

The Oregon Department of Human Services, released the following statement about why they went after Kylee: 

“The child has been previously diagnosed with cancer, specifically an embryonal sarcoma, after initially seeking treatment, mother withdrew the child from treatment against medical advice, and mother has failed to follow through with recommendations of child’s medical team, which creates a risk of harm to the child.

The mother has elected to treat child’s cancer exclusively with CBD oil, which is not a medically recognized treatment for the disease with which child has been diagnosed, will have no efficacy in treating children’s cancer, and child’s medical team and specialists in pediatric oncology have stated that without further treatment child will die of the disease, which creates a risk of harm to the child.”

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The police handled the situation rather terribly. They treated this family like they were criminals. All the mother wanted to do was to protect her child and help her.

Instead, the mother was taken into custody and her daughter was literally kidnapped away from her. The mother was charged with two counts each of first-degree custodial interference and first-degree criminal mistreatment at the Clackamas County Jail, according to FOX 12.

Scheduled on Monday, Kylee will go before the DHS to plead her case. Currently, Mrs. Dixon’s daughter is in California and she can only talk to her mother by phone for now.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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