College Girls Are Becoming Sugar Babies To Pay For Schooling

With ends to meet, girls attending top-tier schools are throwing themselves at men to get money for schooling. Most of these young women are seeking out sugar daddies to help them survive.

They are known as ‘Sugar Babies’ and they seek out wealthy men to help them attend school. In return, they may start a sexual relationship with them or other favors. 

While this form of soft prostitution has been happening for quite some time, it seems to have increased in recent years. An estimated figure of $1.5 trillion dollars of debt are what these women are up against, with possibly more over all. They are seeking out help any way that they can.

One statistical example is Georgia State University, there are 15,277 female students who attend there. This means that roughly 1 out of 10 women, are whoring themselves out any way they can to pay for school. There are websites out there that help these arrangements manifest such as 

“Sugar Babies do not want to be in monotonous, traditional relationships prescribed by society — that no longer works today. Rather, she is seeking a modern relationship — one that is different and matches her ambition and drive — with a romantic partner who can play the traditional role of provider or gentleman, without placing unreasonable limitations on personal growth,” according to the website.”

“Overall, there are 2.7 million US students who signed up and 4.7 million that have worldwide.”

Of course women who are more attractive, will likely have these men seeking out their affections. Some men want to spoil women and this is there opportunity to help a young woman thrive in their eyes. 

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Whether or not the relationship develops further between them, might not be relevant at first. Some men just enjoy their company and in return he showers her with gifts wanting to spoil her completely. The average ‘Sugar Daddy’ is 41-years-old and has an annual income of $250,000 dollars.

While some young students have the luxury of relying on their wealthy parents, others have no other option. Schools are far too expensive for everyone currently and there is no guarantee that someone will find a high paying job to recover their student debts.

When a young college girl finds an older wealthy sugar daddy to help pay her bills, she often will exchange with them sexual type favors.

The following list of schools have a high sugar baby/sugar daddy ratio: 

1. Georgia State University

2. University of Central Florida

3. University of Alabama

4. Florida State University

5. University of Florida

6. Rutgers University

7. California State University, Fullerton

8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

9. University of North Texas

10. University of Missouri

11. West Virginia University

12. University of Cincinnati

13. University of Southern California

14. San Francisco State University

15. University of California, Los Angeles

16. Columbia University

17. New York University

18. University of North Carolina

19. University of Texas, San Antonio

20. Colorado State University

Of course there are more schools beyond this list and likely all of this will continue to keep happening. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.

Some can consider this prostitution while others think of it as survival. These kinds of relationships can’t be healthy in the long run for either side can they?

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(Source: Humans Are Free)

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