Out Of Every Two Adults, One Of Them Are In The FBI’s Facial Recognition Database

It is against the very foundation of the United States. However, major acts of privacy have been violated without many people even knowing about it. It is against the constitutional rights each US citizen. 

New released information coming from Georgetown Law‘s Center on Privacy & Technology (CPT) suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is going beyond their given ability to both track and spy upon US citizens. These actions violate the Fourth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

The ICE agency, has requested specialized access to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) databases in at least three different states including Utah, Washington State and Vermont. 

FBI’s Facial Recognition Database
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Through the use of newfound technologies (including but not limited to) facial recognition, will be used to scan people’s drivers’ license photos and match them against criminal residency databases.  All of this is being done, without any of their knowledge or consent.

According to data that was released three years earlier by CPT, the FBI already has a facial-recognition database. This database consists of numerous images of at least half of all U.S. adult citizens. 

The realization is, ICE raids have been happening in deemed “sanctuary” cities. This was done by the executive order of the President. Both Vermont and Utah have since complied with ICE’s requests for access to their DMV databases. It is unknown yet if Washington has complied as well. 

“The implications for undocumented migrants are stark: Utah, Washington, and Vermont are among the 12 states that don’t require documentation to obtain a driver’s license,” the CPT report explains.

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“What may have seemed like an olive branch to allow easier access to driving and identification now could be an invitation for investigation, arrest, or deportation.”

From what is understood, there are at least 22 million illegal aliens currently living within the United States without any kind of official permission. This is likely the justification for such a database to be set in place.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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