Scientist Says Cow Milk Turns On Cancer

Dr. Colin Campbell, is a American biochemist who specializes in nutrition. He studies the long term health effects that happen to the human body. Campbell has a Ph.D. in nutrition, biochemistry, and microbiology.

The irony of his studies, demonstrate that the protein commonly found in cow milk, creates a condition in the human body known as metabolic acidosis. Because of this, the body begins to compensate by actually sucking the calcium from the bones.

“What I did during the early part of my career was nothing more than what traditional science would suggest. I made the observation that diets presumably higher in animal protein were associated with liver cancer in the Philippines.”

“When coupled with the extraordinary report from India showing that casein fed to experimental rats at the usual levels of intake dramatically promoted liver cancer, it prompted my 27-year-long study The China Project, of how this effect worked. We did dozens of experiments to see if this was true and, further, how it worked.” – Dr Colin Campbell

Dairy Cow In Field

Campbell didn’t expect to find results such as these. Animal protein, may very well be linked to cancer within the human body. People have been drinking milks for decades. It is not natural in nature, for people to do this. However, society has integrated cow milk into our daily lives over time. It dates back to around 200 years ago.

At first, it was difficult for him to bring this new found information back to his colleagues. Campbell himself actually grew up on a dairy farm. He began noticing this after working in the Philippines. It was startling news for him to learn.

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Within the Philippines, people there want to give malnourished children even more protein. However, after observations made…giving this to children has led to higher cancer rates. The animal protein found in dairy seems to be the culprit. When animals were fed a diet high in casein, the cancer increased dramatically. Even more interesting is, when they decided to do a comparison using nothing but plant protein the rates began to drop.

Dr Campbell also said, “Casein is the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever identified, make no mistake about it. What we learned along the way is that we could turn on and turn off cancer. Turn it on by increasing casein consumption, turn it off by decreasing it or replacing it with plant protein. That was a really exciting thing that we could take nutrition and turn cancer on and off, I mean that, that was pretty startling.”

No doubt, these studies are important as casein actually “turns on” cancer. More studies will have to be done and who knows if dairy milk will ever come with a warning label for cancer or even banned one day.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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