Many Are Concerned About 5G And What It Will Do To Us

Ever since news of four students and three teachers being diagnosed with various forms of cancer, the technology of 5G has been in question. A tower was installed next to Ripon Elementary School in California.


Since then, Sprint has elected to shutdown their 5G cell phone tower, after an outpouring of concerns over people miraculously getting different forms of cancer. The tower was put in back in the year 2016. There were several smaller children, who also lived in the area who were later treated for a malignant tumor and leukemia. Also, one student now age 22 has since undergone surgery for a brain tumor.

With 5G comes improved wireless data speeds. These 5G cell towers will allegedly improve speeds never seen before, at the cost of human health. So far, there have been more than 300,000 new 5G antennas installed around the United States alone.

Just like the previous 3G and 4G, they will allow people to stay connected online nearly anywhere they are. People will be able to stream videos and whatever else, while they are out shopping or eating and whatnot. Escentially, people will remain “wired in” with their virtual devices more so than ever before.

Some think all of this is by design, so that the sheeple will stay distracted from what is really happening. From all of this, more people will be online with their modern devices. Ever since the first announcement of 5G, numerous politicians have pushed for implementing this newfound technology. They fear that the United States will fall behind the rest of the world in the global technology race.


States such as California have already removed the public notice requirements posted by the FCC. Places like Rhode Island, have already added 5G towers on street lights and lamp poles. People have since become conditioned to expect higher internet speeds. We have come quite a long ways from the old dial-up days. People expect results fast and nobody wants to wait around for orders or video streams. It is all a more, faster better now type mentality.


Other concerns include these tower devices hindering human reproduction. But this might be part of the master plan. Some people are more triggered by electronic signals. This is known as  electrohypersensitivity. With this type of hypersensitivity comes headaches, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction. We have come a long ways. Ultimately, we may end up setting ourselves back even further, from the growing side effects of this newfound technology.

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