Russian Instagram Influencer Found Dead Stuffed Inside Suitcase

She was well known on the social media platform Instagram. The 24 year olds body, was later discovered inside of a suitcase at her home in Moscow, Russia. Ekaterina Karaglanova recently graduated from medical school, where she was specializing in dermatology. 

Ekaterina Karaglanova
Image: Variety

Ekaterina also was studying venereology and oncology. The beauty was also the first runner-up at Miss Moscow City. Ekaterina also went by the nickname “Katti”. 

Some compared her looks to late Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. Ekaterina even had a photo of her posted on her Instagram account, where she has 108 thousand followers currently. 

Her family soon became concerned, after they didn’t hear back from her after several days time. The family later contacted the landlord of her rented apartment in Moscow on Friday. They then entered the apartment. 

Then the unimaginable happened. It was like something from out of a horror movie. Ekaterina’s parents discovered their daughter’s body, stuffed inside of a suitcase in her hallway. Immediately, they called for an ambulance, but their daughter was long gone.

Image: Sky News

From what is understood, Ekaterina recently started a new relationship with someone and they were planning to fly to the Netherlands together on July 28, to celebrate her 25th birthday later on July 30th.

CCTV footage was recorded showing Ekaterina’s ex-boyfriend entering her apartment building wearing dark gloves and carrying a suitcase. This was several days before she was reported missing. 

Her former boyfriend 33-year-old Maxim Gareyev has since been charged with her murder. Jealousy likely was the motivator for the killing. He learned about her relationship with a much older man who she was planning to travel with. Gareyev just recently graduated from medical school himself.

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Gareyev said, “I stabbed her at least five times with a knife in the neck and chest. I regret it. I will cooperate with the investigation.”

The murder apparently took place on July 22. She was found a full four days later, with her legs reportedly sticking out of the suitcase she had been packed into. This is another senseless killing and waste of life. Family, friends and fans miss Ekaterina.

(Source: Perez Hilton)

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