Man Demolishes His Home Before Bank Could Take It, Delivers Remains At Their Front Doorstep

One man was heartbroken and simply fed up with the system. It happened back in 2013, when a man from Lovech-Bulgaria could no longer afford to pay off the mortgage to his home. His family went with him to the central district office bank located in the city of Teteven.

It was there where he and his family began crying and begging for mercy. However, the bank director said they couldn’t make any exceptions. He along with his family, had only one week to leave their home. With not much left to his name, he used every last penny he had to demolish the entire house and get the remains hauled away, before the bank could take it away from them.

Bulgarian demolishes his home so bank couldn't take it

Where the home is located was not included as part of the mortgage. After deciding to destroy the home, the remains were then loaded up and later delivered to the doorstep of the bank, where the mortgage was first signed.

Anyone could imagine the expression on the bankers faces, as they looked out the window to see the piles of rubble at their doorstep, especially the director that showed them no mercy. It likely cost the bank a pretty penny to get things cleared away. In the end, the man’s message along with his family made a statement across the entire world. People are fed up with all of the bullshit and the system set in place. 

Perhaps after more things continue to happen like this, people will rise up together and make a real change. Nothing lasts forever and things will need to change sooner than later. There is already so much happening in the banking industry that is questionable. 

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Yela Cado initially translated this story from Bulgarian, as it was shared around online. Someone said, “That’s how we should all deal with the banksters.”

(Source: True Activist)

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