New Studies Show Soda And Other Sugary Drinks, Lead To Early Death

While most people realize that these types of beverages are unhealthy, there are many people out there who are completely addicted to sodas and other types of sugary drinks. These types of drinks have since become a major problem to people, leading to many health problems as well as an early grave. 

The best thing someone can do, is to stop consuming so many sugary drinks. Even better is if they can be completely cut out from someone’s diet altogether. This will lead to a healthier and longer life, according to a new study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. 

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They found that people who drink several diet soft drinks each day, have set themselves up for higher risks of medical problems leading to early death. Even many artificial sweeteners have been linked to various problems.

This study was conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. There were 50 different researchers included. In total, 451,000 adults were tested from 10 different European countries.

Out of all these people, none of them previously had been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke beforehand to upward of 19 years.

Those men and women who consumed two or more glasses of sugary drinks a day, were at risk of having liver, pancreas, intestines and appendix type complications. They were at further risk to any of these digestive type diseases. 

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Circulatory problems were also associated with people consuming sugar type soft drinks. People also drinking sugar based drinks, were at risk for Parkinson’s disease as well.

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However, the studies showed there was no link to cancer or Alzheimer’s. These fizzy soft drinks or low calorie diet soft drinks were 8 fluid ounces in size comparably. 

This is likely part of a bigger agenda to keep people sick so the medical industry continues to profit from it. One thing is for certain, sugary drinks can significantly impact your health and they are addictive.

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