Alphabet Loses $70 Billion Dollars After Censoring Conspiracy Theories

Freedom of speech is a powerful thing and now one of the largest companies in the world is feeling the aftermath. You cannot continue to censor others and what they think or feel. Suppressing content is their game and it isn’t working for them. In fact, it is biting them in the ass and wallet.

Alphabet is the parent company that owns Google, Youtube, Calico, Chronicle, DeepMind, GV, CapitalG, X, Google Fiber, Jigsaw, Makani, Sidewalk Labs, Verily, Waymo, Wing and Loon. Now, more than $70 billion dollars in market cap has all but been wiped out, from their nazi style censorship.

Censorship with Conspiracy Type videos

Just because you don’t agree with someone you don’t attempt to silence them. There are many other platforms rising up and eventually everyone will stop using Facebook, Google and others. People are fed up and sick and tired of being pushed away.

Back during Monday, reports came in stating that ad revenue grew 15% versus the 24% it saw a year ago for Alphabet. Since then, Alphabet witnessed its stock plummet. They were punished for their sins sort of speak. Another report came in stating that their stock dropped another 8% by Tuesday afternoon.

The mission for Alphabet and its subsidiaries was to suppress any kind of conspiracy type videos, theories posts and anything else deemed inappropriate. With so much actual fake news out there, it makes it difficult for people to get a real understanding of what is really happening. Advertisers took action with their wallet by putting a dent in the Alphabet system. Essentially, advertisers are/were fleeing their platform

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The censorship continues on YouTube as millions of channels and videos allegedly violated YouTube’s harmful content policies, most notably was the Alex Jones channel. These “garbage” videos also kept user engagement higher. So, it was really bad for business to simply remove them. Big mistake, as many people have become pissed off about the entire thing. Slowly but surely the empires will fall as others rise with freedom in mind.

Shockingly, the conspiracy type videos made up less than 1% of all content on their site. However, they were engaging enough to keep people there watching or reading.

(Source: Above Top Secret)

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