The Facebook News Agenda And The Plan To Control Reality

There has been evidence for quite some time, that Facebook is openingly controlling what appears on their social media platform. The social media giant, aims to filter out content that it doesn’t like.

Some think Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is being controlled by a puppet master behind the curtain. He is just the face of an already disruptive internet force online. 

Facebook Fake ‘News’ Agenda

Facebook isn’t the only social media site being used. They also have WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Combining all of these social media platforms together, an estimated 2.7 billion people are using at least one of the Facebook family of services each and every day. They are essentially addicted to these platforms and need to get their “fix” in. 

Zuckerberg warned legacy media last year, that if they did not work with his plan to “revitalize journalism,” they would be left dying “like in a hospice.”

Many know that Facebook began to take control of the 2016 election online. They focused their narrative to begin both consolidating and controlling how people should vote. Clearly the focus was on Hillary Clinton to win, yet she didn’t and Donald Trump took things over at the helm.

Soon enough, both friends and family began to take front and center on Facebook. It no longer was about real content and real news. A narrative was soon set in place.

It is still happening to date, as many publishers and other content creators are getting their news suppressed by their blatantly biased system. Inevitably, Zuckerberg signed a deal with the Atlantic Council. They are composed of the most notorious warmongers seen in recent history. 

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This same group would control and play an influential role in democracy’s future. Their message isn’t a positive one at all. Over time, many popular political Facebook pages were later purged for getting in the way of their agenda. Some were either shadow banned or deleted altogether. Clearly something is going on that isn’t right.  

Further purges began to happen. These focused upon anything “favorable to Iran’s national interests” or posting content with “anti-Saudi, anti-Israeli, and pro-Palestinian type themes.”

Facebook continues to be under scrutiny over feeding user’s data to the government for well over a decade. Facebook joined the NSA’s PRISM program back in 2009. This turned out to provide a convenient backdoor for them to acquire further data on any individual. 

Many privacy advocates are currently up in arms over the FBI’s plans to monitor all social media platforms in real time. The FBI has made a decision to label all “conspiracy theorists” as potentially-dangerous domestic extremists. This isn’t good for anyone and pretty much gives them rights to spy upon most of the population. 

Astonishingly, Facebook did admit that last year, most of its users data had been compromised at some point by “malicious actors”. Citizens have rights and they need to stand up for them. Push back against the broken system before it’s too late. 

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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