The United Nations Has Been Caught, Sending 24,000 Tons Of Rotten Aid To Starving Yemenis

It happened recently, when Yemen’s Customs Department and Consumer Protection seized well over 24,000 tons of infested and/or rotten expired food and medicines to help “aid” starving Yemenis since 2015. 

Now, Yemen faces the world’s worst humanitarian disaster in the world due to four years of intense blockade. This comes from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

Image: Global Research

All of these supplies, have been deemed as being unsafe and unfit for actual human consumption. Around 15,000 tons of these supplies included supplementary food for pregnant women and medicine. 

It is absolutely disgusting that anyone would ever approve such items and then send them out for use to those less fortunate. Back on November 6th, Yemen’s Port Authority rejected and even sent back a vessel from the World Food Program containing 10,000 tons of white wheat.

Upon further inspection by authorities, the wheat sent was infested with live insects. This incident was quite similar to another which happened back in February of 2019. The authorities took notice of a shipment containing 96,000 bags of wheat that were expired or had no production stamp indicator. 

In May of 2019, Yemeni authorities found dead insects inside 8 million kilograms of wheat. The authorities involved also rejected over 130,000 bags of white beans which were either wet, rotten, or they were infested with dead insects.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has attempted to shift blame for their unfit shipments onto the Sana’a government, led by Ansarullah aka. the “Houthis.” After all of these incidents, the United Nations announced it would begin suspending aid shipments to Yemen. 

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They claimed that the delivery of these goods were being diverted by Ansarullah. The UN claimed it had no problem with the Saudi-backed government in Aden, which likely has no issue distributing rotten food to its citizens. The WFP expects the suspension of aid to impact 850,000 people.

Yemen isn’t the only crisis impacted by the UN’s carelessness in regards to sending disgusting aid shipments. In 2016, the UN was caught sending expired food to Somalia intended for victims of a devastating drought. 

These incidents are all a massive fail by many people involved. Yemen has a population of around 22 million people. These people require urgent humanitarian aid to survive, including food, water, and medical supplies. The counts for 80% of the actual population. In order for actual help to start happening, the blockade must be lifted immediately. 

The United Nations is at fault here if not entirely. One thing that could be done is to lift the blockade that has since turned Yemen into an open-air prison akin to Gaza. The restrictions of imports and exports slows down movement.

UN Caught Sending 24,000 Tons of Infested and Rotten Aid to Starving Yemenis
Image: The Free Thought Project

Any aid sent for each shipment will end up rotting away for weeks or months at a time in the baking hot sun. This cannot happen, change must happen right now. There have been over 85,000 children who have died starving to death, while many others await a similar brutal and cruel fate.

(Source: Geopolitics Alert)

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