Former Prison Inmate Says Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Commit Suicide

After the alleged suicide of 66-year-old Jeffrey Epstein, people have been left wondering what exactly happened. His death has raised many questions and made many people question what happened to him.

How could he have committed suicide, days before his death after already being on suicide watch of a highly secure prison? Jefferey was/is an American financier and convicted sex offender.

Jeffrey’s “death” took place at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, located in lower Manhattan, New York City. This location is quite secure and was first opened back in 1975. One inmate, who wished to remain anonymous, said there is no way that Jeffrey Epstein could have killed himself at MCC. 

Jeffrey Epstein suicide
Image: Jeffrey Epstein/

While Epstein was kept inside a special housing unit, he was surrounded by ceilings that were an estimated 8 to 9 feet tall. The former anonymous inmate, then explained there’s no way for someone to connect to anything. 

There are sheets of paper in the holding cell, but they are not strong enough to do anything with. Jeffrey Epstein was believed to weigh around 200 pounds, making him unable to use anything really to kill himself with least of all paper. 

The former inmate then explained that once they place you on suicide watch, you are forced to wear a white smock and a straight jacket. These are incredibly difficult to get out of. The clothing provided is like a jump-in type uniform. All of these are a dark brown type color.

The bed inside the special housing cell unit, is made from steel and not able to be moved. There are no light fixtures in the room either or any kind of bars. There is nothing there that could be created as an instrument of death. If someone wanted to write a letter, then they would be provided with rubber type pens along with a piece of paper once a week perhaps.

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Inside the housing unit there are no metal objects loosely hanging around or anything else hard to fashion some kind of weapon. The inmate then said there are upwards of 80 people inside of these locations.

Likely Epstein was being kept by himself in a single cell type unit. At most, there would only be 2 prisons inside a single unit. Epstein was far too high profile to have a cellmate.

They said this place is like an animal being brought inside a kennel. Once a guy like Jeffrey was brought here he probably was like “Holy Shit”.

The inmate said God wasn’t in the building either and never wanted his parents to come there. He had some rough incidents while there and what happened is permanent. Perhaps he was saying it was psychologically damaging to him.  

The guards at MCC have major egos and are on power trips. They know all the prisoners there are suffering on the inside and out. These types of people seem to get off on making other people suffer. 

He then said, “If the guards see that the guy is breaking, they’re going to help you break. But it’s my firm belief that Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide. It just didn’t happen.”

There are many conspiracy theories about Jefferey’s death. Some think he was replaced with another person’s body and secretly escaped. Others think he was killed for knowing too much, the list goes on. It is a real fail by the prison system to have allowed him to die. Even how things were handled are quite suspicious, regarding the guards on duty.

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Epstein was placed on suicide watch a bit more than two weeks before his alleged death. He was required to have daily psychiatric evaluations, after being discovered semi-conscious with bruising on his neck. Epstein was recently taken off suicide watch, but it was not clear exactly when.

(Source: News Punch)

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