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Scientist Says Cow Milk Turns On Cancer

Dr. Colin Campbell, is a American biochemist who specializes in nutrition. He studies the long term health effects that happen to the human body. Campbell has a Ph.D. in nutrition, biochemistry, and microbiology. The irony of his studies, demonstrate that the protein commonly found ...Read More

Is YouTube Suppressing Conspiracy Content?

It is the second largest platform on the common web. YouTube allows users to post their content but they play favorites and cherry pick content deemed acceptable. Some conspiracy videos seem to go viral for moments, then suddenly get stuffed into the shadows of ...Read More

People are being programmed by social media

It is believed, that with social engineering our brains are being programmed a certain way. Everyday, we use the internet to search for answers, entertain ourselves and communicate with one another. Now in 2018, there is more social media available than ever before. More ...Read More